Crane solutions

We sell truck-mounted cranes from the well-known crane manufacturer MPG in Turkey. MPG is a very innovative manufacturer, and together we can create the solution you need.

Bio Hydraulic Oil

All our models of cranes can be supplied with the option of using Bio Hydraulic Oil. Biodegradable hydraulic oil with superior lubricating properties.


In our gallery, you can find pictures and see more information about our cranes, as well as follow our many projects with truck mounted cranes.

Crane models

Crane models from MPG:


JH Kran / MPG EUROPE is owned by Jan Hansen and is a division of Hjørring Machine Trading Import / Export, which has existed for 30 years.

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In our picture gallery you can follow the preparation of our cranes at our partner MPG Makina

JH Kran, in collaboration with you, will shape the crane that you are looking for. We make the crane so that it meets all your wishes and needs, ready for use and, if necessary, with a service agreement that ensures that the crane always works …

If you have questions or anything else, you are always welcome to send me an e-mail or call me on the phone +45 40426736